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by RxR

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released March 9, 2013

Red Rag Front is:
Dan Peters: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Ukulele

All songs written and arranged by Dan Peters
Recording, mixing and mastering by Mike Saminaden



all rights reserved


RxR London, UK

Acoustically led 90s Emo Punk revivalists

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Track Name: Punk Police
Well I'm sorry I don't give a fuck about the people in power,
but as long as I can string three chords together,
and provide for my family I'm gonna be happy.

And I'm sorry that my hair is just it's natural colour,
and I don't own a leather jacket or a mohawk,
but I've got my music in my soul and I carry it with me.

Punk Police

And yeah I'm sorry that some bands I like are on major labels,
and they even get the odd song played on the radio,
but their morals and their ethics align with mine.

Oh well I'm sorry that my lyrics aren't a little more angry,
but how can I be angry when I got my baby,
and the fact that she has a life well it completes mine.

Punk Police

(add lyrics here - different every time)

Punk Police
Fuck you Punk Police
Track Name: 99%
Bus driver bus driving bus driver man,
take me down town go as fast as you can,
see I'm living the dream yeah I'm breaking the mold,
and I'll never have been trodden down when I'm old.

So bus driving captain yeah bus driving saint,
your dreams of bus driving are paying your way
I'm so happy that you think your gig is so grand,
'cause it gets me to mine I'm glad you understand.

Because dreams of being nurses and farmers bin men,
dreams of fast food take-away Indians,
Those of you following dreams to pay rent,
remember please guys, you're the real one percent.

Oh restaurant over-lord bar tend high king,
you're keeping me nourished so I can still sing,
I'm on my way up and you'll help me get there,
with smiles on their faces lighting up your grey hair.

And musical instrument factory god,
you're sweeping those floors shows that you're right on top,
you wont find a credit upon my CD,
but that's ok 'cause you already thanked me.

Mother dear deity mother on high,
please answer one question explain to me why,
you chose to be mother not billionaire queen,
'cause mothers stay unrewarded that I've seen.
Track Name: Plus one
I hope that you,
listen objectively,
talk selectively,
respect consequence,
brim with confidence,
follow you hearts desire,
love someone like wildfire,
live life without regret,
then you'll make me the,
happiest patriarch in the world

Time ago is used to be that self centric life was all I needed,
and way back when, when I think again,
nothing really mattered not living not breathing,
then an angel came, blew my demons away,
and made space in my life for something more,
you are the love we feel, made human now,
and nothing that has ever come before will mean more.

I document your life every movement you make,
even though you've yet to take your first breath on the earth,
I've planned a story, full of joy and kindness,
that will fit into whatever fulfils your world the most,
so here you are, our perfect joy,
and every star in the sky is aligned,
our lives are yours forever-more,
to do with whatever you will.
Track Name: Minus one
When brother don't cover the strength of a bond between us,
and I curse at my paltry vocabulary and its inability to convey what I mean,
you are the person I wished I could be and I hope that you see and that you're proud of me,

And when she looks over my shoulder,
I know that it's you standing there,
and we have a plush simulacrum,
that she looks at with reverent stares.

and everything I do well I hope that you know that I love you.